Privacy Policy

The perfect integration store for information technology is committed  by AL BARQ AL SAREA ELECTRONICS TRADING L.L.C to the utmost degree in protecting your personal data, and through your acceptance of the privacy policy for the customers of the perfect integration store for information technology, you allow us to collect and use your personal information only in accordance with the privacy policy and in a very limited way. Knowing that we undertake not to sell, use or display your personal data to any party.

How your data is collected by our store

We appreciate your trust in providing us with your personal information. We request a set of personal data for the customer when opening a new account on our store (such as name, email, mobile phone number to verify the account, etc.), and this data must be completed correctly to complete the registration process on the site and to ensure that there is no false or misleading information. We ask you to provide us with accurate and complete information about yourself and to update it if necessary. This commitment is a condition of providing our services or products through us

Our use of your personal information

We ask for your personal information only to provide the best services and support, and in order to measure and improve the level of our services for you, implement the terms of our agreement with you, and provide you with alert or promotional email messages, as well as in order to document the information you provided us with third parties, for example, we may resort to sharing some of your personal information with banks Or authorize credit cards to process and authenticate services with third parties for the purposes of increasing the level of security.